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From 2003, the show lasts for one full hour, from 7 to 8pm.On POP TV's 13th birthday (15 December 2008), the studio and the show's design were updated to the most modern technology available at that time.Space...a wondrous world, filled with infinite cosmic energy. Arriving into this bedlam is New Transfer Student Gentaro Kisaragi, a cool guy with a Delinquent image who immediately vows to become friends with every single student in the school.

Segments in 24UR POP IN is a segment focusing on news from the world of entertainment and popular culture. Vizita is a medical segment which is running from 1995. It aired every Sunday from 2003 onwards and lasted from 10 to 15 minutes.

Weekend shows are hosted by individual hosts from each pair. It is often accused by the Slovenian right-wing party SDS to not report about the Slovenian "underground" political corruption that SDS believes to come from many former memgers of Slovenian Communist Party that ruled during the era of socialism in Slovenia and still have a huge influence on Slovenian state-owned companies and left-wing political parties.

24UR's milestones POP TV has been airing its main news program called 24UR since the day of the first broadcasts on 15 December 1995.

The pair hosted the show between Monday and Thursday.

From Friday to Sunday, the show was hosted by Tamara Vonta and Drago Balažič, individually.

This article is about the Slovenian television channel. At the international festival PROMAX, a festival for promotors and advertisers in the electronic media, POP TV has received five awards for its promotional achievements.



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