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Arab Lounge also allows those who share cultural values a comfortable venue to interact and meet others anywhere in the world.

C., July 9, 2014 — The story that George Clooney might be forced to convert to the Druze faith in order to marry his Druze fiancée at first seemed to have a humorous focus.

According to the now discredited story published in The Mail, Amal’s mother, Baria, “is unhappy with the pending marriage and is not impressed with Clooney’s credentials and high profile image throughout the world.” That’s where the lighter side of the story ends however, and the serious overtones take over.

The family may not have a problem, but other faithful might.

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Clooney has vehemently responded to the article in a statement to “USA Today” saying, “I want to speak to the irresponsibility of Monday’s Daily Mail report.

I seldom respond to tabloids, unless it involves someone else and their safety or well being. She has not been to Beirut since Amal and I have been dating, and she is in no way against the marriage.” The Mail cited unnamed family members as its source and said that Amal’s mother has been telling “half of Beirut” that she is against the wedding.

Finally, the families met during a sort of "trial period," she notes.In the end, she says, it's all worth it to preserve the closed faith: "It's kind of an honor" to be part of it.



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