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    Ski Big3 live web cams are placed at various locations at Banff Sunshine, Lake Louise Ski Resort and Mt Norquay, as well as around Banff and Lake Louise. Looking towards the Lodge of the Ten Peaks (left) and Whiskey Jack Lodge (right), with the stunning Mount Temple (3,544m/11,627ft) in the background on the left and Lake Louise to the right.

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    Earlier research focused on the differences between purchasing for personal use and for gift giving (Belk, 1982 Heeler et al. In his analysis of gift giving, Sherry (1983) suggests that gift giving has social, economic, and personal dimensions and develops a typology employing the nature of the gift, the relationship between donor and recipient, and situational conditions, such as holidays.

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    But once again, while men may appreciate a more assertive women, the message is lost in translation, with only 29% of women reporting that they would initiate a first kiss, and only 13% asking for a phone number.

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