Mpd database not updating


I have aggregated a reasonably large (~90 GB) library of digital music over the years, and, of course, my favorite way to listen to it is MPD.

Right now, I'm running MPD on my "media center" computer , which (surprisingly?

I'll investigate more when I get a chance (hopefully soon enough), but I'm lowering the severity in the meantime. A crash is a crash, and that's always a bad bug.

This bug (I guess) has been found and fixed in upstream git yesterday: id=7e7b403043b55c2e1bb9227fce725ad87626ae97 Looks like it indeed. Let me know if you'd like me to test the next version of the package prior to the upload.

It is a good idea to create the playlist folder now – it will prevent errors later on. You should see the list of files being added into the DB.

This may take some time to complete – based on size of your music collection.

Setting up MPD is not as simple as other music players. If you have your music in multiple folders then I cannot help you.

To see MPD in action, first we have to install MPD – and a client. MPD was designed with just one music root directory in mind. The ‘–create-db’ argument will read the contents of the root music directory and add the Music files to a text database.


The very fact that you are reading this means that you are a geek. The ‘music_directory'(“~/Songs” in our example) must point to the folder where you keep your music.

It is version 0,19.9-1, recently uploaded to *experimental*, that claims to have a fix for the bug. I mis-read the version numbers and thought I had the version from experimental.


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