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Boomerly grew from a survey taken by more than 1,000 sixtyandme users — almost all female and between ages of 55 and 69. Manning’s son, Nathan, built the website keeping security issues at the forefront.Seventy-five percent of them said they felt lonely. Then you go through lists of personality traits, hobbies and interests you’re looking for in someone else and that describe you. You’re asked to use your real name (last initial is OK) and Boomerly’s verification system.Heather decided she didn’t need a new pair of shoes for her wedding.The silver heels she wore to a friend’s prom at the beginning of summer would do.“At the heart of it was somewhere along the line they’d stopped reaching out to the world,” she told me recently. Unlike Match, OKCupid or Our Time, romance is not the end goal of this new service.Boomerly aims to help users find like-minded friends, travel companions, activity buddies and roommates. You can then start online conversations with those who match what you’re looking for.They would have to keep their plans hidden from her.Heather’s grandmother, Linda, went online to search for states with more lenient laws.

Manning noticed another problem in how some responded to these transitions and changes. Based on what she found, she decided to launch a messaging site called Boomerly, which just went live.They would match the purple dress she picked out with her dad.


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