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You have to be 110 percent sure of yourself in anything you do.

You kind of diversify, which is not everyones cup of tea."On the subject of diversifying, Thomas gave his opinion on moving from the more classic theatre roles to this more contemporary role. That was one of ['Sex With Strangers' writer, Laura] Eason's primary considerations when writing the play." While there is some on-stage partial nudity and a "whole lot of innuendo", there is a subtext designed to make people think.

Dad was an Aussie boy who went to the UK and wanted to meet girls, [he] ended meeting my mother at a drama camp."It wasn't until I was sat down in grade 11 and given the hard choice." Thomas was playing first grade soccer, volleyball and cross-country.

It gets far more explicit once you actively seek it out.

Research has found that the average age of first exposure to…

I have worked with many couples from all backgrounds, personalities and desires, giving me the experience to offer a high quality service in presentation, professionalism and flexibility.


If you feel I'm the celebrant for you, then please make contact with no obligation. It will be lovely to chat and get to know each other, and of course learn all about your big day! We ‘interviewed’ several celebrants and were not happy until we met Ketrina!

"The reality is, without being a pessimist, it's a tough lot.


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    I have had other parents and family members investigate me -- look into my professional background -- hoping to find something to discredit me to the patients I was seeing at the time because they disputed their memories.

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