Sex dateg room


Joe says the arrangement never develops into a physical relationship ("I’d love to but I don't think it's for the best"), and he'd stop it completely if he gets married.Does he worry that someone would do this because she was in a tight spot?"Yes of course I worry about that — that's why we have two interviews.I can tell immediately who's OK with it and who's not." But how can he tell this?

A Canadian in his mid-30s, he tells me he rents out several properties in London."The way they are and their reason for wanting the room." Is it possible to fully consent if you’re stuck for somewhere to stay?"If a women chooses that and is consenting," says Joe, "I don't see anything wrong with it. I feel I'm on the right side of it." Mark, who wants a weekly "adult cuddle" is the only poster who agrees to meet me in person.He tells me the responses are from women aged 19-35, many of whom are European.

He says they're women who are, "moving to London, wanting a cheaper option — people annoyed at London's crazy rent crisis! "A nice girl, who we would enjoy hanging out with, and just give me her worn knickers." Unlike Matthew and Rick, Joe has a girlfriend he's been with several years. Joe says she has an inkling he likes women's lingerie ("I wore hers once in bed") but she wouldn't like it.

These are quotes from ads in the housing section of Craigslist, a classifieds site that also lists car pools, guitar lessons and second-hand caravans for sale.


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