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This may also allow you to lash the knife to a long stick, creating a spear for hunting.Another possible function of your knife may allow you to throw it at a target.This is another great hunting application, but it is less for defense, in the event that your target runs away with your precious knife.There are many designs to a good survival knife; you just need to figure out what your preferred style may be.Some of these arts and sciences have been lost in the last century, as modern life has caused humanity to know more how to use a smartphone rather than how to build a fire.It is easy to gloss over these skills like an old memory, when you can simply pop at TV dinner in the microwave when you are hungry.Your world will revolve around your knife, so it is important to have one appropriately selected.You do not want to survive on a kitchen knife, as these are only tailored for light duty.

This knowledge may not always be accessible as it is one of the first resources that will become scarce in the event of a nation threatening disaster.

Survival knives can come in several forms but they have to perform these basic tasks: It is for this reason that your knife must be durable, and have the right shape to perform daily tasks.


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