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She had also made me up like a whore – with wild red lipstick and heavy black mascara and eyeliner on my already naturally long lashes. "With your pretty lashes you make such a nice little girl!

In fact, you're more of a girl than a boy, aren't you?

It was yet another delicious agony I suffered for the privilege of serving my Mommy and her friends.

Mommy was a brunette goddess, 5'8" tall with 38GG breasts and the most perfect legs you'd ever seen.

As the guests started arriving, I wanted more and more to crawl into a hole and just masturbate myself until I forgot what I was being put through.

Each of the guests was fully clothed and wearing a light mask, so I couldn't see their faces, but I was on display for them.




These days my mind continually swirled with lust-filled thoughts - and my little sissy-stick was locked up in a chastity tube so all I could do was caress my own nipples.

In between sucking cocks, Mommy would lift my head and kiss me deeply, praising me for being her good little cocksucking whore, and softly play with my nipples, ensuring my submissiveness, lust and continued devotion.


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