Varadero cuba dating

Although I wanted to travel independently, I erred on the side of caution since I was traveling alone and did what I normally wouldn’t do; I booked an all-inclusive beach resort vacation package.This seemed like the best way to approach my first visit to a new country alone and this type of set up allowed me to be safe and in the company of fellow travelers while having the option to leave the resort whenever I wanted to…which I did and I have no regrets in doing so even though my family and friends back home thought I was crazy for stupidly “putting my safety and my life in danger”.


Costa Rica, Barbados, Cuba and various places in the United States such as Texas, Illinois, Montana and California all made the final cut but in the end, it was Cuba that won the call to my travel agent and my heart after it was all said and done.

(Spoiler alert: The 28-year-old blonde hairstylist from Kenora, Ont., chose brawn over charm.) I also recently found myself in this beautiful, beachfront place a mere 3.5 flight from Toronto to see how the show’s locations compared to the real thing over a three-night stay.

THE HOTEL BEACHON TV: The Royalton’s beautiful beach, where both Kevin and Mikhel wanted to propose to Jasmine, was set-decorated with flowers, lanterns, candles and crates. People relax under rows of palapas and stare at the pale blue sea while waiters bring Mojitos all day long before a gorgeous sunset brings an end to the lounging, and a start to dining, more drinking — even dancing at the hotel lounges. ROMANTIC DAYTRIP TO CAYO BLANCOON TV: Jasmine and Mikhel drank champagne and took a private catamaran to Cayo Blanco for a sunset dinner serenaded by an acoustic Cuban trio before a romantic swim in the ocean. When we hit a wave en route to snorkelling and eating at a buffet, I went flying across the top deck and almost into the sea.

VARADERO, Cuba — I walked at least a mile in The Bachelorette Canada’s leading lady Jasmine Lorimer’s shoes recently.

Lorimer found herself in this Caribbean resort town at the Royalton Hicacos Resort & Spa as she chose between the final two contestants — 32-year-old long-haired and buff Waterloo firefighter Kevin Wendt (aka Captain Canada); and 28-year-old sweet, motorcyle-driving Ottawa aviation engineer Mikhel Sickand — as the W reality TV show’s two-part Cuban finale wrapped up this past week.When I drive or walk around my neighborhood here in Canada, I rarely see people sitting outside on their steps.


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